2013 Capital Keeshond Club: Awards Pictures

Allison - GCH A*starz Through The Looking Glass, NTD, CGC1 Andre - Kealoha's Last Call, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ2 Aslan - Ch. Darkenwald Just A Cut Above Shainakees3 Cassidy - GCH A*starz Heart of Gold4 Chip - Ch. Darkenwald Ice Chip5 Christy - GCH Darkenwald Chase Away Th' Blues6 Clancy - Ch. Darkenwald Cavalier O' SouthCar7 Clancy - Beasley's Fancy Chief Clancy, CGC, NTD, ITD, ATD8 Cutter - Am/Can/Intl Ch. Darkenwald Cut To The Chase9 Desi - Ch. Darkenwald Goldleaf Design10 Grace - Ch. Shainakees Absolute Asset Is Grace11 Iorek - Ch. Darkenwald Ice Bear12 JJ - Ch. A*starz Possibly Impossible13 Josh - Ch. Spirit Of Grobanites Who Believe In The Dream14 Keefer - GCH Skyline's Path Of Least Resistance15 Mercy - GCH Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy16 Sunny - SouthCar's Sunkist Darkenwald ROM17 Vale - Ch. Vista's Good Vibrations18 Zazzles - GCH Darkenwald Join The Chase19
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